Canine Running Co.

Canine Running Co. is a down to earth and professional Brooklyn based dog running service providing stellar quality of care for your dog. We go the extra mile to help your dog get the exercise they love and need, all year round!

We offer personalized one-on-one runs that allow your dog to obtain maximum benefits. We provide flexible hours with multiple service options to suit your needs and are experienced and comfortable handling dogs of all sizes and temperaments. Plus, after every run you'll receive a PUP-date including pictures and video!

Let a passionate and experienced dog runner take your dog out for a run today! 

Trust us, your dog will thank you!

Why Choose CRC?

It's simple. We go the extra mile every time.
Here's how...



  • CRC strives for stellar quality in everything we do and we always want your dog to be happy and comfortable in our care. Not all dogs are thrilled to be with other dogs (especially on leash) and not all dogs run the same pace. Therefore, all runs and walks are one-on-one, allowing your dog to receive undivided attention from an experienced and enthusiastic CRC crew member. This makes for a personalized and safe experience.

  • Your dog deserves the ultimate experience, so we do our best to avoid the hustle & bustle of city sidewalks during runs. If you’re not located within a mile or two of a park or path, no problem! We’re happy to drive your pup to the closest running area. Just ask us about this option!

  • Our time clock starts when the activity starts, not when we first arrive to your home. Rest assured, your dog will be on the move for the full designated service time!



  • Dogs come in all sizes, shapes, and running abilities. They're sprinters, marathoners, sniffers, couch potatoes, everything in between, and all of the above. At CRC we celebrate diversity! We are your dog's running buddy, not personal trainer. Therefore we do not drag your dog along to hit a specific pace or achieve a certain mileage.

  • What we do instead is tailor each run to your dog's natural ability and allow them to stop and sniff the hydrants for a minute if that's what they're into. Your dog may certainly experience both physical and mental health benefits from running, but as much as we'd love to, we are not training your dog to compete in the Iditarod. Our main goal is simply to let dogs be dogs, and offer them an opportunity to safely experience the joy and benefits of running!



  • If you haven't noticed already, we take safety seriously at CRC which is why we are trained and certified in Pet First Aid and CPR and are always asking questions and learning from dog trainers and veterinarians.

  • We always carry a first aid kit and plenty of water while running, and we stop for shade and water breaks as needed. After each run we do an inspection of your dog, especially their paws.

  • We're in tune with your dog and their usual behavior, so you'll be alerted if anything unusual presents itself during or pre/post run or walk.

  • CRC is fully insured and bonded.


Services & Rates

All services are one-on-one, offering a personalized experience for every dog and a fine attention to detail. We are flexible and aim to please, so if you don't see a service that suits your needs, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate. Please visit why choose crc for all the details on what we do.


30 minute dog run

A great option for puppies or senior dogs, but most dogs do best with a longer run.
$35-per run



60 minute dog run

This option allows your dog to get past distractions and into the zone!
$65-per run/$300- 5 pack/$550-10 pack 

90 minute run

For dogs who can't seem to get enough!
$85-per run
$400-5 pack/$750 10 pack

Adventure Dog walk

This option allows plenty of time for exploring the wooded paths of your local park 
$70-90 min walk


multiple Dogs

Services are one-on-one,but we are happy to accommodate multiple dog households
$10-each additional dog


meet the team


Amber Mack (Founder & President, Lead dog runner)

Amber is a native New Yorker, and has been a Brooklynite in 2004. After graduating college with a degree in English, she worked in publishing for 7 years. In 2010 she discovered running...and everything changed.

Running became Amber’s passion while training for the 2010 New York City Marathon, with the help of Team in Training (an amazing cancer fighting charity). A few months after completing the marathon, she ditched her publishing career and started working at Finish Line Physical Therapy (an innovative endurance-athlete focused clinic) as a PT Aide turned Assistant Office Manager, so that she could immerse myself in the world of running and endurance athletes.

Unlike her passion for running, Amber was born with a passion for dogs. She grew up in a multiple dog household, and later adopted her own rescue dogs.  In 2014, “Dog Runner” became Amber’s calling when she moved to Los Angeles with her husband and started working for Paws In Motion (a highly reputable dog running service). She cherished the time spent on the trails with the Paws In Motion family and shed several tears when it was time to say goodbye to all her furry running buddies!

At the end of 2016 Amber and her husband moved back to Brooklyn, where she immediately began researching dog care services in NYC. She quickly discovered that nothing quite fit the mold or high level of service that she was used to providing with Paws In Motion, so it became clear that she would have to create her own business if she wanted to pursue dog running.

Using much of what she learned at Paws In Motion, and putting her own Brooklyn spin on things Canine Running Co. was born in January 2017. As a result, a whole bunch of city dogs (and their owners) are happier for it!

Amber’s personal experience handling strong dogs with behavioral challenges, allows her to maintain confidence and calm with all dogs in any situation. This, along with her ability to completely respect and empathize with animals, (as well as humans!) makes it natural for her to go above and beyond for the dogs and humans of Canine Running Co. Although Amber has learned an incredible amount thus far from living and working with dogs, she possesses a constant desire to discover more about their behavior. Whenever possible she assists and/or observes dog training sessions with the fabulous expert dog trainer Alison Buehler, of Dharma Dog NYC , to help advance her canine education.

Amber’s goal for Canine Running Company is to help spread the joy and benefits of running to all city dogs while maintaining a stellar quality of service for both dog and owner!

Farah Visslailli (senior dog runner)

Farah grew up on Long Island, and has resided in NYC (mostly in Brooklyn) since 2007. An animal-lover since the very beginning, she grew up with several different kinds of pets, but it took a solid 15 years of working on her parents before she finally got her childhood wish: a dog.  Josie, a bearded collie with quite the zest for life, was a loving part of her family for nearly 17 years.

After college, Farah pursued her interest in photography with jobs at the International Center of Photography, and later PhotoShelter, where she spent almost nine years as a customer service professional. During this time a new, unexpected passion was quietly taking root: running. It all started while training for her first half marathon in 2009, and then her first full marathon in 2010, both with Team in Training. This happens to be where she met Amber. Twelve marathons and countless half marathons later, it's safe to say she's hooked on running.

In the Fall of 2018 Farah decided to make a career shift to focus more on helping runners (both human and canine) Currently she is Canine Running Co’s senior runner with an abundance of experience. When she's not running with Brooklyn's finest dogs, she's volunteering her time in the rabbit room at the city's animal shelter, ACC, and coaching runners as a certified run coach with Team in Training, and New York Road Runners. As a pet owner for more than half her life now, Farah understands the drive to go above and beyond for these wonderful animals and members of our families, and takes great pride in helping to create a positive, joyful experience for dogs and their humans alike.



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